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Go-ings on: A new teenaged giant-killer?

The AGA EJournal - which is not available by RSS or I would add to the Go Aggregator - carries great stories on professional Go as well as keeping you up to date on the American Go scene. Here is a great story about a new Chinese teenager, Chen Yaoye, defeating Lee Sedol in the Kangwon-Land Cup.

"Lee Sedol 9P of Korea lost to Chinese teenager Chen Yaoye 5P in the Kangwon-Land Cup, an international team match between China and Korea. This is a new team tournament in which games are played one at a time, with the winner continuing until one team runs out of players. The Koreans started with Lee, who beat Piao Wenyao 5P of China in the first game, but then lost to Chen by 1.5 points. Chen next defeated Hong Sungji 4P of Korea by 2.5 points before losing to An Chotyeong 9P of Korea. An then beat Wang Xi 5P of China to end the first stage of the tournament in Seoul. The second stage will be in Hangzhou, China, at the end of March when An takes on one of the two remaining Chinese, either Chang Hao 9P or Luo Xihe 9P, both formidable opponents with recent international title wins to their credit. The Korean team still includes Lee Changho 9P and Cho Hunhyun 9P, so the second stage should be quite a contest. The remarkable teenager Chen is also in the finals of the international LG Cup, where he must play a best-of-five match against his countryman Gu Li 7P."

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