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Go-ings on - The strange tale of the cursed goban

ChiyoDad, a must read blogger for anyone planning on buying go equipment on eBay, or indeed online anywhere, shares the strange tale of a USD $10,000 goban up for auction on eBay for USD $2,000 due to its unusual kami. Here is an excerpt from his post:

"That statement perhaps begs the question why I am selling an object with which I am so clearly in love. The simple fact is that this board is cursed. From the moment it entered my home my life went south. There are people out there at the close of this annus atrox that need your sympathy more than I, but let me tell you, I have had a string of bad luck, karmic retribution and hellfire from that day forward. If there is kami in this board it is baaad kami. And there is big kami in this board; I did not lose a single game I played on it. So trust me on this, if it is not a demon escaped from the nine hells, it is the hungry ghost of the Nabeshima Bakeniku. That, or whoever made this thing was a bitter man, if man he be."

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