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There is a lot of Go stuff available on the online auction site eBay these days. Asian importers/exporters are really taking advantage of eBay as a great low overhead tool for reaching into the English speaking marketplace. One of GA's Best Go Blogs, Chiyodad Learns Go, has recently covered this phenomena here and here. Inspired by these posts, I have put together a feed targeting recently posted Go related items on eBay. While it is not perfect ("Go" is an ambiguous search term), I think that many of you will find this very useful:

If you like it, I will add it permanently to the site - so let me know (by comment or email)!

By the way, it is using Chiyodad's eBay search string:

'("go game", "game of go") -pi -playstation -psp -gameboy -gba -reversi -nintendo -parker -payday -football -xbox -dvd -zatchbell -vroom -antique -skin -popcap -leather -ncaa -tibet* -phoenix -baseball'

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Jabot the Scrob said...

Make this be cool. Go rules.